Vision of SA Polo

To govern, manage and promote the game of polo in South Africa.

Mission Statement

Increase the value proposition of polo in SA

  • Promote polo in South Africa
  • Increase visibility of the sport
  • Attract more spectators
  • Improve perception of polo - pony welfare
  • Attract more sponsorship

Improve quality of polo in SA

  • Increase membership to 500 players
  • Provide support to polo clinics
  • Develop professional umpiring
  • Develop a player ranking system
  • Develop one or more 10 goal players
  • Provide rules and guidelines for sport

Become sustainable

  • Maintain financially sustainability
  • Manage profitable international and national events
  • Increase rand value of sponsorship and return on investment to sponsors
  • Provide support to SAPA structures

Become international destination of choice

  • Become top 5 polo nation
  • Develop infrastructure to support quality of the sport
  • Become one-stop shop for ponies