Jun 28 2018

SA Schools Team 2018

SA Schools Team The SA Schools Team has been announced after the conclusion of the SA Polo Association Junior Coaching Clinic which was held at Karkloof Polo Club. Congratulations boys! 1. Callum Shaw (0) 2. Alex Watson (1) 3. Matthew Thake (2) 4. William Crowe (1) Reserve: Cearne Young (1)

Feb 21 2018

February Newsletter

HPA RULE CHANGES: The HPA will be making some rule changes for 2018 the details of which will be finalised by their Rules Committee in due course. These will be conveyed to members as soon as they’re received from the HPA. The basic changes are as follows: A hit from just inside the boards if the ball goes out of play The Blocking rule Less time for hit in and penalties Helmet Rule Starting on Yellow flag The basic outline of these can be found in a separate... More

Dec 01 2017

November Newsletter

2018 FIXTURES: The 2018 fixtures have been posted on the SAPA website. This list is now final and should clubs wish to change their date, the correct channel is through your Provincial President who, in turn, will escalate the request to this office. Normal protocol dictates that should the change result in a conflict with another club, consideration will be given as to whether the change will affect the conflicted club’s tournament entries. BMW SPONSORSHIP: Regrettably BMW South... More

Oct 26 2017

October Newsletter

EXPERIMENTAL RULE FORMAT: The amended chukka format adopted by Plett Polo Club last December and Easter was tried during the Stephen Stewart Memorial tournament held at East Rand Polo Club a few weekends ago. The basic format was as follows: Chukkas were shortened to 4:30 mins with the usual 30 seconds extra time after the first bell. Given the shortened chukka time, the 3 minute change time between chukkas was strictly adhered to with the umpires instructed to blow the whistle after... More

Sep 21 2017

September Newsletter

2017 PRINCE OF WALES CUP: The Prince of Wales Polo Cup took place at the Rosefield Polo Club on Sunday 10th September. An eleven goal South African team took on Kenya in a closely fought match with the lead changing hands several times. Both team squandered chances to seal the game in the final chukka and it was left to an extra time “sudden death” goal from South Africa’s Campbell Macnab to clinch the trophy. Final Score 7-6 to SA. Teams were as... More