Feb 15 2016

February Newsletter

SAEF DEVELOPMENTS: You will recall from my last newsletter that SASCOC have now accepted that equestrian disciplines will govern themselves under the auspices of the SAEF. This is conditional upon disciplines and their provincial bodies exhibiting good governance and aligning their constitutions with the requirements of the Sports Act. This means having to amend all the provincial constitutions as well as SAPA’s national one to comply with the provisions of the Sports Act. In essence, the... More

Nov 26 2015

November Newsletter

SAEF DEVELOPMENTS: After a long and protracted battle, costing the Disciplines considerable sums of money in attorney fees, SASCOC finally realized that equestrian sport could not continue pursuing their political agenda and that the sport should be run and governed by the Disciplines. To this end SASCOC agreed that the fourteen Discipline Association heads would sit on the SAEF Council with a vote. The previous Provincial Presidents would no longer have a seat on Council but in order to... More

Jun 19 2015

New Zealand Team for the BMW International Polo Series 2015

1. Hamish Ormond (3 goal) Home Club: Kihikihi        Hamish is a sheep and beef farmer who lives near Raglan on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. He is 43 years old and has played for Kihikihi Polo Club for most of his polo career. Hamish has served on the New Zealand Polo Management as well as being a past President of the Kihikihi Polo Club. He has travelled to various countries playing polo and is married to Julie with two children, Adam and Emma. He is a tenacious,... More

Mar 31 2015

New Zealand Team for BMW International Polo Series 2015

New Zealand Team for BMW International Polo Series 2015 Hamish Ormond (3) Craig Wilson (6) John Paul Clarkin (8) Captain Thomas Hunt (6) TOTAL (23) Reserve / Manager: Alan Browne (3)  

Mar 31 2015

SA Schools Tour to New Zealand

SA Schools Tour to New Zealand The South African Schools polo team arrived back from their tour to New Zealand where they acquitted themselves beyond all expectations. Congratulations to Cody Williamson, Martin Watson, James Crowe and Chris Lund for a Series win over their Kiwi opponents. The tour results are as follows: Christ College: SA Schools won 14-8 St Andrews College: SA Schools lost 5,5-5 Christchurch Boys High: SA Schools won 9-7 First international match vs... More