September Newsletter

Sep 21 2017


The Prince of Wales Polo Cup took place at the Rosefield Polo Club on Sunday 10th September. An eleven goal South African team took on Kenya in a closely fought match with the lead changing hands several times. Both team squandered chances to seal the game in the final chukka and it was left to an extra time “sudden death” goal from South Africa’s Campbell Macnab to clinch the trophy. Final Score 7-6 to SA.

Teams were as follows:


  1. Tiva Gross (2)
  2. Mbugua Ngugi (2)
  3. Archie Voorspuy (3)
  4. Jamie Murray (4) (Captain)

South Africa                              

  1. Zompie Tsotetsi (2)
  2. Stephen Stewart (2)
  3. James Kane Berman (4) (Captain)
  4. Campbell Macnab (3)

My special thanks to the pony lenders who generously provided horses for the Kenyans. Mounting an 11-goal team proved much easier than the higher goal sides as required for the BMW International. The Most Valuable Player award went to Tiva Gross who had a sterling game whilst the Best Playing Pony award was won by Davey Evans’ “Cartoon” played by Jamie Murray.

The Kenyans were a pleasure to host – probably one of the best touring group of players we have had in this country. Of concern is the treatment of SAPA’s polo members by sponsors with little or no provision of a designated area for the players and pony lenders to view the match from. This was subsequently addressed at a post-match debrief meeting whereby it was agreed to resolve the issue for all future events.


As you know from my previous newsletter, BMW have indicated they would like to return to a polo sponsorship deal pending SAPA securing suitable premises in Gauteng and KZN. We have provided BMW with a sponsorship deal that we think will be acceptable to them. This will be discussed at their next Board meeting at the end of this month. We will keep you all appraised as and when further progress is made.


The inaugural Nelspruit arena polo event took place over the weekend of 1st to 3rd September. Four teams took part in a knock out format to provide true finalists for the final day. Teams for the event were as follows:

Team Midfeeds                               

  1. Crispin Cheadle (3)                          
  2. Craig James (3)                          
  3. Warren Lurie (3)                          

Team Molatek

  1. Ian Stewart (2)
  2. Leroux Hendriks (5)
  3. Campbell Macnab (3)

Team Tack n Togs                        

  1. Murray Spark (3)                          
  2. Brett Watson (5)                          
  3. James Kane Berman (4)                          

Team Epol

  1. Johann du Preez (3)
  2. Dirk van Reenen (5)
  3. Dirk Uys (3)

The tournament was part of SAPA’s initiative to bring polo to provinces where the sport is little known. This, in accordance with SASCOC’s directive that all sport should be represented in all nine geopolitical provinces. The final was contested between Team Epol and Team Molatek with Molatek eventually winning the tournament in a closely fought match. Tack n Togs (also known as the “Late Night Brigade”) were clear winners of the late-night beverage competition!!! The award for the Best Playing Pony went to Davey Evans’ horse “Banoyi” played by Dirk van Reenen.

All in all, the tournament was a great success with the players enjoying the different format and having lots of fun. As with all inaugural events there were teething problems but nothing major that can’t be improved upon for 2018. It appears this format of polo is gaining momentum with enquiries to hold similar events at the Soweto Riding School and another in White River.


This tournament took place over two weekends – the first at East Rand Polo Club where 8 x local teams competed to qualify for the second weekend at Inanda. The four top qualifying teams being BCX, Verdant Capital, 2Intwine and Rockblend qualified to play against four “Äfrican” teams the following weekend. Matches were tight with close scores despite a few notable upsets which made for an interesting final on the Sunday. Titan Law Zim came up against Rockblend with the former winning in the last seconds of the match thanks to a Penalty 4 from Francisco MacLoughlin. Team finalists:


  1. Lee-Ann Spark (0)                                 
  2. Owen Nelson (0)                                 
  3. Cameron Chubb (2)          
  4. Duncan Ellis (4)                      

Titan Law Zim

  1. Nicola Elcombe (-1)
  2. Martin Versfeld (0)
  3. Matthew de Gersigny (2)
  4. Francisco MacLoughlin (4)

MVP for the tournament was awarded to Lee-Ann Spark
Best Playing Pony – “Tonic” belonging to Warren Lurie and played by Francisco MacLoughlin

Should Clubs wish to have their tournament details and results included in the newsletters please feel free to send the relevant information to this office. 

As usual, any comments or suggestions are welcome.
Managing Director – South African Polo Association