SA Champs 2017

A Section

Inanda Renegades

Championship: Winners of ‘Beresford Cup’

Martin Versveld

Cameron Chubb

Lance Watson

Gareth Evans

A Section


Handicap: Winners of ‘Bartholomai Trophy’

Johan van Reenen

Mike Osborn

Johan Groenewald

James Kane Berman

B Section

Summer Farm

Championship: Winners of ‘Solid Silver Bowl’

Vandit Golecha

Charl du Plessis

Terence Spilsbury

Nigel Pilling

B Section

Foul Hookers

Handicap: Winners of ‘Tim Mackenzie Cup’

Ant Durham

Kevin Latter

Richard Pohl

JP Rey

C Section


Championship: Winners of ‘SA Polo Association Trophy’

Friers Ahmed

Mia Harrison

Monty Ntoeleng

Craig James

C Section


Handicap: Winners of ‘Nottingham Road Trophy’

Robin Watson

Paul Cronje

Briers Marais

Clive Millman

D Section

Key Containers

Championship: Winners of ‘Cedric Solomon Trophy’

Ian Lowe

Sancy Vermaak

Jonathan Hill

Duncan Lowe

D Section



Jimmy Uys

Nathi Shabalala

David Jeffrey

Max Kelsey

Man-of-the-tournament: Gareth Evans
Best Playing Pony Award - A Section: ‘Silk ‘owned by Tom de Bruin
Angus Chaplin Memorial Trophy “For the love of a horse”: Duncan Watson
The Sir Duncan McKenzie award goes to: Not awarded in 2017

Photographs under SA Champs 2017 Gallery courtesy of Jonathan Doig Photography

Cape Champs 2017


Cup Winners

Anton Snyman / Leon Prinz

Henro Potgieter

Joseph Bronn

Rob Hampson

Lookout VdV

Cup Runners-Up

Jenny Perkel

Josephine Susman

George Mumba

Buster Mackenzie

Ajax FC

Plate Winners

Eduardo Viera

Rupert Hackwell

Anthony Baines

Michael Mackenzie

Ornatus Sed Ignarus

Plate Runners-Up

Jason Drew

Jaap Engelbrecht

Ignaz Marx

Charl du Plessis

Most Valuable Player: Rob Hampson
Best Playing Pony: "Nemo" owned and played by Charl du Plessis

Photographs under Cape Champs 2017 Gallery courtesy of John Wilkinson Photography

East Griqualand Champs 2017

A Section

Jurassic Park A


DJ Singh

Tiva Gross

Guy Watson

Selby Williamson

A Section



1. Duncan Johnson

2. Cameron Chubb

3. Rob Barrass

4. Tom de Bruin

B Section

Jurassic Park B


1. Jacquie Shaw

2. Sacha Craig

3. Loku Singh

4. Callum Shaw

B Section



1. Sammy de Bruin

2. Heinrich Fortman

3. Robert Williamson

Qozi Mbalekwa

Harry Williamson "Best Turned Out String": Guy Watson
Imperial Rose Bowl "Most Improved Player": Callum Shaw
Best Playing Pony: "Cruise" owned by Selby Williamson
Person Who Does The Most For EG: Guy Williamson

Free State Champs 2017

A Section

Free State


Jossie Spilsbury

Johan Groenewald

Sipho Spilsbury

Johann Du Preez

A Section

Rocky Ridge


Attie van Wyk

Murray Sparks

Duncan Ellis

Dirk Uys

B Section



Ulrich Spies

Johan van Reenen

Matt Thake

Cearne Young

B Section



Paul Grindrod

Murray Grindrod

Guy Slater

Greame Brooke-Leggatt

C Section

Lions River


Candice Kane Berman

Lee-Ann Sparks

Gerrie Stevens

Christo Spies

C Section

Bergville A

Plate Winners

Caroline Bruce

Kathy Romer-Lee

Amy Gace

Angus Williamson

D Section

Here For Beer


Amo Likonjane

Josie Romer-Lee

Petrus v Eeden

Andries Young

D Section

Crash & Carry


Jack Spilsbury

Pierre Stoffberg

Gillon Thake

Donono Lithula

Junior Golden Pony: "Illusion" owned by Matthew Thake
Junior String: Johan v Reenen
Junior MVP: Cearne Young

Senior Golden Pony: "Image" owned by James Kane-Berman
Senior String: Sipho Spilsbury
Senior MVP: Johan Groenewald

Plettenberg Bay International 2016


The Plettenberg Bay International took place on the 29th December on the Pavilion field, Kurland. The weather was cool and dry making ideal conditions for polo. The day commenced with two development teams competing in the curtain raiser match followed by some young enthusiasts playing a bicycle polo match. The South African team that played in the international against England consisted of the following:

  1. Chris Lund (1)
  2. James Crowe (2)
  3. Chris MacKenzie (6)
  4. Tom de Bruin (7)  ©

Reserves were Dirk van Reenen (5) and Nick Sherring (2).

Team UK were represented by the following:

  1. Max Kirschoff (0)
  2. Max Charlton (7)  ©
  3. George Merryk (6)
  4. David Ashby (3)

The match started at a furious pace – something that continued for the entire game. South Africa opened the scoring with a field goal from MacKenzie only for England to equalize a few minutes later. This pattern continued for most of the match with neither side being able to get more than a goal ahead. Only during the fifth period did South Africa manage a three-goal lead only to squander this with some unnecessary fouls. The sixth was exciting and looked as if it could go to a sudden death chukka but South Africa stood firm and finally ran out winners by 11 goals to 10.

For South Africa, the two “rookies” Chris Lund and James Crowe played exceptionally well and at no stage seemed overawed by the “big” occasion. Chris MacKenzie had an outstanding game and was rewarded with being judged “Man of the Match”. Best playing pony went to Shaun Brokensha’s “Julia” played by George Merryk.

The South African Polo Association would like to thank the Plett Polo Committee for their meticulous event organization. The day was a huge success and a great advert for polo. Our thanks also to those players who generously loaned ponies to the English team.

BMW International Polo Series 2016

Sunday 4 September 2016

Curtain Raiser: SA Schools beat SA Development: 4 - 2

SA Schools
1. James O'Sullivan (0)
2. Johann van Reenen (0)
3. James Crowe (2) ©
4. Ross Williamson (0)
Reserve: Grant Louw (0)

SA Development
1. William Crowe (0)
2. Jabulane Khanyile (2)
3. Pah Mokwena (2) ©
4. Grant Louw (0)
Reserve: Zandise Gushu (0)

MVP: Jabulane Khanyile

Test: South Africa beat Uruguay: 9 - 8

South Africa
1. Davey Evans (5)
2. John Eustace (5)
3. Gareth Evans (6)
4. Tom de Bruin (7) ©
Reserve: Mike Osborn (4)

1. Mauricio Sánchez (5)
2. Santiago Stirling (5) ©
3. Pablo Fernandez LLorente (6)
4. Martin Tassara (6)
Reserve: Aparicio Oddo (4)

MVP: Gareth Evans          
Best Pony: Velvetino owned by Walter Grindrod and ridden by Pablo Fernandez LLorente

Sunday 11 September 2016

Curtain Raiser: Poloafrica Matrics beat SA Development : 9 - 2

1. Molefi Ralebenya (-1)
2. Mosaku Lephatsi (-1)
3. Thapelo Mothijoa (0) ©
4. Montoeli Ntoeleng (0)
Reserve: Tumelo Molapo (-2)

SA Development
1. Annie Iqbal (-2)
2. Lucky Matshaya (-1)
3. Nanthi Shabalala (2)
4. Jabulane Magagula (0) ©
Reserve: Tebello Mokoroane (-2)

MVP: Montoeli Ntoeleng

Test: South Africa beat Uruguay: 7 - 5

South Africa
1. Davey Evans (5)
2. John Eustace (5)
3. Gareth Evans (6)
4. Tom de Bruin (7) ©
Reserve: Mike Osborn (4)

1. Mauricio Sánchez (5)
2. Santiago Stirling (5) ©
3. Pablo Fernandez LLorente (6)
4. Martin Tassara (6)
Reserve: Aparicio Oddo (4)

MVP: Tom de Bruin           
Best Pony: Castanetta owned by Warren Lurie and ridden by Martin Tassara