Umpiring in South Africa

It is SAPA’s aim to develop professional or in some cases semi-professional umpires in South Africa to the extent where the pool of these umpires in each Province is sufficient that all club tournaments as well as major tournaments can be officiated by professional umpires. We have a small competent pool to date who are doing excellent work in the field and delivering a measure of consistency in all the matches they umpire.

It is the Association’s aim to increase this pool by training and introducing new professional umpires to the game. Umpiring Clinics will be held from time to time in each of the five Polo Provinces with the aim to appraise players with the basic rules and/or new rule changes. This should equip every polo player with sufficient knowledge to umpire low goal polo with a degree of competency.

Become an Umpire

To join the ranks of our professional umpires the following needs to be achieved:

Sign up through the Chairman of Umpires in SA who will inform the relevant Provincial Umpiring Chief

Thoroughly read and memorise the rules and regulations of the HPA Rule Book

Write the basic rules test to gain a “C” rating umpire grade

Attend as many umpiring clinics as possible

Umpire as much as possible at local club practices to learn

Make yourself available to umpire at tournaments – contact the Provincial Chief Umpire for this and even if it’s only for local club matches begin by umpiring with an experienced professional umpire

Graduate to umpiring higher levels at the recommendation of your Provincial Chief Umpire

Umpiring Committee 2019

East Griqualand

John Eustace

082 449 5566


Campbell Macnab

083 469 4419


Sean O'Sullivan

082 452 9492


Buster MacKenzie

082 579 3880

Free State

Johan Groenewald

082 440 3806

Professional Umpires In South Africa

“A” Grade Umpires

Campbell Macnab, Steven Evans, John Eustace, Michael-John Marlton, Selby Williamson, Duncan Ellis, Buster McKenzie, Brad MacGibbon, Murray Hampson, Rob Hampson, Terence Spilsbury

“B” Grade Umpires

Mike Osborn, Clive Millman, Matthew de Gersigny, Murray Spark, Rod Gutridge, Davey Evans, Cameron Chubb

“C” Grade Umpires

Craig James, Langdon Taylor

Selection Committee 2019

Duncan Ellis

082 731 9600

Campbell Macnab

083 469 4419

Tom de Bruin

083 564 2816